Guildford, Surrey, UK


The club ethos is to provide football for all ages and levels of ability and to ensure that member children enjoy their training and matches and play for fun at all times. The club believes that football should always be played with consideration for others and not with the view to win at all costs.

Guildford Saints Football Club aims to provide an opportunity for every player who joins us to be ‘the best that they can be’. Our belief is every player has the potential to be ‘talented’ when provided with a positive learning environment by coaches with both expertise and a passion to support young players development. Provided a high standard of coaching ALL children have the opportunity to succeed. GSFC utilise Professional coaches who are forward thinking in their style of coaching their training methods are innovative, creative and they all have the ability to work with a range of ability levels and learning styles.

GSFC coaching staff are able to develop technical proficiency through breaking down a skill to its simplest and most understandable form. Our training is based on integrating technical ability into an actual game  environment/Scenario highlighting to players the when, where and how to use a particular skill or technique in any given situation.

Guildford Saints Player
Guildford Players Celebrate their victory

GSFC believes that a positive learning environment where players are not afraid to take risks, enables them to express themselves and be creative. All players are creative however in the wrong environment this is often coached out of them as winning is priority and mistakes lose games. GSFC have a long term strategy and strongly believe in player development and getting the fundamentals right within the early age groups allowing our players and teams to experience success over the long term. Winning is a by-product of performing to your best!

Guildford Saints Philosophy – HOW WE DEVELOP OUR PLAYER’S

  • Offer Professional coaching for children aged 5 – 16 years (UEFA B, Youth Module 1,2 & 3 Qualified)
  • Each player within GSFC is challenged/coached based on their Individual specific needs
  • Improve the child’s Game understanding in and out of possession
  • Improve each child’s movement skills e.g. agility, balance, coordination and speed
  • Support children’s social development i.e. leadership, communication and problem solving as part of a team
  • Encourage player’s to be creative and innovative
  • Create a positive learning environment that allows player’s to express themselves
  • Focus on technical training – GSFC want’s every player to be comfortable on the ball
  • Performance is more important than the result!